Bunny Mum – Boredom Breakers

Hello My Loves,

As my first post I’d like to introduce you to my two babies, Maude and Freddie.

IMG_4066 IMG_4065

Maude and Freddie are two 12 week old Lion Head Rabbits, who live rouge in our house with us. This means they don’t have a cage, however they are litter trained and do there business in one spot (give or take a few mishaps). In this post I’m going to talk about “Boredom Breakers”. Seriously, if you have Rabbits, you’ll understand. They chew. Everything. 

The best thing I’ve given them by far was free! Toilet roll inners and cardboard boxes. They go crazy for these babies. Rabbits love to chew and throw things around, these two things you’ll always have on hand. You can make them interesting but cutting them up, putting hider holes in them, hiding treats. The world is your oyster. I’ve lots of ideas on my BUNNY board on pinterest.

Every so often I will buy the kids (yes I refer to them as my kids) toys from the pet store. I’ve purchased a few things over the past month or so, some I would definitely buy again others I won’t.


First up, the “Boredom Tree”. I brought this from The  Range here in the UK for £9.99 however you can buy this HERE. The Kids loved this but it wasn’t long until they had destroyed it! Took them around 3 weeks. So it’s worth the money but I may have to save repurchasing for a bigger treat.


Sizzle/Rope Toys – These are brilliant and so inexpensive. They range from around £1.99 to £3 in pet stores or ONLINE. We have about 4 hanging around the house from where they’ve thrown them or carried them to their desired destination.


Wicker/Willow Balls – Brilliant. However they can chew through these so quickly. They’re on the cheaper side, you can buy 3 for around £3 HERE however I prefer the larger ones you can purchase at Pets at Home.

When the weather is good here I find the best way to break their boredom is letting loose to eat my beautiful plants! I know, it breaks my heart to watch them munching away at my plants but to see them happily hoping and jumping about in the sun, makes my ruined garden so worth it.

Do you have fur babies? Comment below and tell me their names!

Feel free to leave any boredom breaker ideas!

Love Heather


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