DIY Key Chains

Hello My Loves,

As much as I’d hate to admit this but I’ve been thinking about Christmas lately! I’ve been pondering on the idea of a DIY Christmas – or at least some aspects of it. I’d like to give my gifts this year a more personal touch! Anyway, I’ve been pinteresting ‘DIY Gifts’ for months now and I came across numerous key chain ideas, so I’d thought I’d have them a go!

DIY Key Chains

Here’s what you’d need:

What You Need

A selection of wool/yarn

Key rings


I used a couple of tutorials to show me to make the different components – For the Pom Pom’s I went HERE, for the Tassels I used THIS (I did attempt to use the BLOG however it was in Spanish but the picture speaks a thousand words) and for the Hair Wraps I went HERE!

So once I’d gotten some inspiration and an idea of what I wanted to create I went ahead and followed the tutorials (they’re definitely for beginners)then simply tied the components onto the key rings using double knots – making sure they were secure and I absolutely love how they turned out! These would make great gifts for friends and neighbours for all different occasions! I’ll definitely be making more!

You can find more DIY’s and Inspiration on my PinterestHERE and HERE!

Be sure to post links to yours!

Until Next Time!

Love, Heather x


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