Home Tour – Living Room

Hello My Loves,

Venturing into our own home is probably the most stressful and money draining thing we’ve ever done! So when Jessica and I finally took the plunge and moved out into a small terrace house (for those who aren’t in the UK, this is a two up two down townhouse style home) we took to pinterest for cheap, diyable ideas. We’ve been here a year now and just about gotten the rooms to our tastes. So I thought I’d do a home tour series and take you through the rooms one by one, starting with the living room.

“Take a Seat”


The living room isn’t a big room so we’ve made the best of what we can with what we’ve found. To be honest, when they’re is only two of you, you don’t really need to think about a bunch of seating options and storage so we just had fun!

The sofa was a gift from Jess’ Mum, the coffee table is a steal we found at a local charity shop for just £4.50 and the map I brought at The Works for around £3 then hung it using string.

The star of the room is the handmade fireplace! I have a wonderful friend at work who loves to create in his spare time, so when I showed him a bunch of fireplace inspirations and explained we didn’t have a fireplace he surprised me with this beauty and I absolutely LOVE it!

“Drink Up”


This has to be my favourite side of the room, I feel like I have walked into a Pin from my INTERIOR DESIGN board when I look at it.

So the chair in the corner was my Nana’s – it was originally a dark brown wood so we painted it white to contrast from the wooden coffee table and accented it with one of the larger cushions from the sofa and a decorative cushion we found at the world market last summer.

The “Tea Trolley Bar”. I have been playing around with this since we brought it at a charity shop for £10. I eventually decided on painting it gold and adding a home bar to the bottom. We chose a mix of tumblers and glasses (Blue – Charity, Yellow – Asda and the flamingo tumblers – IKEA) then used decanters we found on various charity shops to add the liquor. On the top, we have varying plants, scented candles and globe light I brought Jess for Christmas around 2 years ago.

No doubt this room may change over time but right now, we love it! As a couple we have very eclectic tastes and are always spotting bits of furniture and ideas of pinterest we love!

What’s your style? Link me to your room tours!

Love, Heather x


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