Strawberry Picking at 27

Hi Guys,

How are you? I know it’s been a while. So today I thought I’d take you with us Strawberry picking. It’s my 27th Birthday and Jessica thought it’d be a good idea to not waste the sunshine and take me strawberry picking.

We went to a small farm called Wymeswold Fruit Farm not too far from us. Here you can pick all sorts from Strawberries to Gooseberries. We chose to pick Strawberries which were £2.25 a kilo. Only problem was Strawberry season is nearly over so we didn’t have great pickings but we did find that the further you go into the field the better the crop!


Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a more fun trip out for my Birthday – one thing I can definitely give credit to Jess for is her ideas! She always plans the best dates!

Here’s what I wore:


Dress: New Look | Shoes: Primark | Bag: Fiorelli | Sunglasses: Calvin Klein


I hope you all have been making the most of the English Summer.

What is your perfect date day?


Heather x


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking at 27

  1. Anna says:

    Looks beautiful, and yummy! I haven’t been strawberry picking in such a long time, but you’ve sparked that interest in my again!


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