What’s in my Bag?

Hello My Lovelies!

Can we just start by me admitting something? I’ve always wanted to do a ‘What’s in my Bag?’ post! I’ve lost many hours of my life watching these kind of videos on YouTube! Anyway, I’d like to say sorry for the quality of the photograph but you can get the idea of what’s in there! Anyway, without further a do!

Here’s what in my bag! (I’d like to make a point, that this bag was gifted to my by my wonderful girlfriend Jessica on Thursday hence why everything is so organised and well, clean – usually I have a bag full of snacks and empty pop bottles because as we’ve come to understand I am lazy! Ha!


Left to Right – Top to Bottom

Bag – Fiorelli | IPad Mini | Purse – Fiorelli

Sunglasses – Calvin Klein | Car Keys – Key Chain DIY |

The pen was courtesy of Mum’s stationary cupboard at work (She teaches)

Shopping Bag – Jack Wills | Compact – Hugo Boss | Note Book – TKMaxx

Lipstick – YSL | Travel-O – Gucci Guilty | I Phone 5 (Yes I’m still in 2014)

Send me links to what’s in YOUR bag! I love a good nosey!


Heather x



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