Happy Planner Review

Hey My Loves,

I’m sorry I’ve not been around… The Rabbits ate the lead to my super hub. It was a hard period of my life. Anyway, while I was away I had some Happy Mail from Amazon!

Let me just start with how obsessed I am with watching Plan With Me videos on YouTube. I am personally a very unorganized person so when I started watching these videos I was like ‘I could do that, it’ll keep me motivated!”. So I got to looking at the Erin Condren and Happy Planners. Now, as beautiful as the Erin Condren planners are they start from $65 then another $40 to ship them here to the UK and in all honesty, that is a little out of my budget for a planner. So  I started to look at The Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas (Mambi) – on there online shop they range from $30 upwards but again the shipping costs were ridiculous to send them internationally. I started to get disheartened and wondered if all good things are in America, then an idea hit me – AMAZON! I searched the Happy Planner and hazzar there they were £25 with free shipping for Prime customers and that was that – I picked my design and added it to my basket. It took the planner around 3 weeks to arrive but boy was it worth it! Honestly, it is the most beautiful thing I was ever seen in my life! I was in love.

Today I’m going to talk about which style I picked and show you a quick over view of the planner itself.

So, I picked the BIG Happy Planner in the design Stay Golden, the planner itself is 8.5″ by 11″ and dated from July 2016 – December 2017. The great thing about these planners are that they are easy to personalize. All the pages, including the covers are removable and you can buy add-on packs for meal planning, chores and travel. Mambi also sells coordinating washi tapes and sticker sets which excites me highly!

So each month comes with its own divider featuring a cute quote or pattern – all in a watercolour theme. They are thick card stock and the tabs themselves are laminated. Along side each divider they have incorporated a ‘Monthly Currents‘ sheet which I just love the idea of – you could look back at the year and know what you were loving that month!


Along side each divider they have incorporated a ‘Monthly Currents’ sheet which I just love the idea of – you can include important dates, monthly goals and birthdays. You also have a section to document what you are loving that month – this is a great idea. I love the idea that I could go back over the year and see if my tastes have changed or if I change with the seasons etc!


You have a month at a glance page at the beginning of each new section, which all coordinate with the divider – I’m honestly not sure if this is something I would find beneficial but I will include my holidays on these pages so I can keep track of when I have booked time off work. IMG_4172

Now to the fun part – the week at a glance pages. Again these all coordinate with the dividers – some have quotes running along the bottom other have simple watercolour stokes. Either way they are just stunning. The boxes are quite large as well so you have plenty of space to write To Do lists, errands, work schedules etc.

I’ve had the planner so a few weeks now but I’ve been using just one, so I’ll definitely do an updated impressions post in a few months – let you know how I’ve been getting on, if I’ve been keeping up with the planning.

How do you keep focused on life? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Heather x

Disclaimer: I’m sorry for the poor quality of pictures – again I waited until a silly time to actually take the photograph 😦

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