Hair Care Routine

Hi my loves,

As promised (not as soon as I’d hoped) this is my new hair care routine for my new blonde locks!

First things first! Hair Dye! Now obviously I’m not claiming to be a professional hair stylist at all so I would suggest if you aren’t confident in dying your own hair please please seek professional advice/help!


So to dye my hair I use Jerome Russell powder bleach and cream peroxide – you can buy these at most drug stores or you can use the links at the bottom of this post. The powder comes in packs of four which lasts me 4 touch ups, I just buy the cream peroxide as and when I need it! You can choose either a 30vol or 40vol depending on your hair colour – I usually go for 40vol as it’s for darker hair and takes a little better for me. I re-dye my roots every 4-5 weeks – I will admit I get my Mum to help me do this as to not miss anything. I leave the bleach on for the full advised amount of time just to be sure I am getting the maximum effect!


Once I’ve finished rinsing my dye out I will apply a small amount of shampoo and rinse again before applying a toner to achieve the white/silver blonde. I use a toner by Knight and Wilson, a tube of this will last me 3 full head treatments. For this I go ahead and follow the instructions – apply to wet hair and leave for 30 minutes and rinse. Once I’ve done this I will shampoo and condition my hair before leaving to air dry over night.


For upkeep between touching up my roots and toning my hair I use Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner every 3-4 days (I try to let the natural oils condition my hair in between washes as bleach seriously dries out your hair). This helps to keep the colour vibrant between touch ups – it also smells incredible! It makes me feel like I’ve been to the salon every time I wash my hair! I also use treatments on my hair once a week to help nurse my hair back to health, these can vary depending on what  I have on hand.

You can find all the links to the products I use below;

Jerome Russell BBlonde High Lift Powder Bleach

Jerome Russell BBlonde Maximum Lift Cream Peroxide

Touch Of Silver – Shampoo & Conditioner

I couldn’t find the Knight & Wilson toner so here is something similar 😉

Jerome Russell BBlonde Toner Platinum

Hope this helps!



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